Cowgirl and Cowboy New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 05, 2023 by Tempe Javitz

    Cowgirl and Cowboy New Year’s Resolutions
1.    Keep all hats, scarves, and boots at the ready, it’s winter time again.  
2.    Put extra food, clothing, boots, shovels and warm hats in the truck,
       just in case.
3.    Shed a few pounds and get in shape (round is not a shape that counts!).
4.    Finally get the (fill in the blank) ____ broken down piece of machinery
        fixed and running.
5.    Have the 2-year-old colts riding like 3-year-olds before they’re 4-year-olds.
6.    Read at least one industry-related article per week—online or in print.
7.    Read at least one good book each month. Try Craig Johnson’s latest mystery!
8.    Have all the fences repaired before turning out the cows, calves, & horses.
9.    Think about and care for others as much as you care for yourself.
10.    Be inspired by legendary cowgirls:  May Lillie, Charley Parkhurst,
         Annie Oakley, etc.
11.    Make the New Year one to remember.
12.    Make sure there is no death loss for our calves between branding and weaning.
13.    Spend more time hanging with friends you value and cherish.
14.    Be willing to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.  Take charge of your 
        year with grit and gumption.
15.    Eat beef and keep slim.  Oh, and add in those vegetables and fruits.  Nothing 
        like a good hat full of chokecherries in season.
16.    Treat all animals kindly, even that angry cow that wants to run you over 
        when you are doctoring her sick calf.
17.    Ride a shorter day and sleep a longer night.
18.    Resolved, I will only ride a mount that is easy-gaited, gentle broke and
        well trained.  No broncos for me! 
19.    Clean your closets, your tack and your tack room regularly.  Nothing 
        (or no one) should hang that doesn’t deserve to be hung.
20.    Make an effort to see the good in everyone.  Even barbed wire has its 
        good points.
21.    Practice my quick draw with my squirt gun—not with my Mastercard.
22.    Get out there and hit the trails.  Even if you’re a city slicker, getting
        out in nature and roaming the range keeps you fit and mentally at peace.
**Caveat, this blog was largely inspired by two fun websites:  Harry's 
    Boots at and the Working Ranch Cowboys Association at  Sometimes when creating a blog, one needs inspiration...