Health Troubles Cause Pause

Mar 28, 2024 by Tempe Javitz
Holy Cow! as they say when things go south.  Where
do you suppose those crazy phrases entered our speech
patterns?  Anyway, dear readers and fans, I’m having
health problems that are causing a break in my blogging.  
Hang in there, I will be back in the saddle in about 
two plus months.  Beware of bad drivers and wrecks—I 
had one years ago and now two lower back discs need 
attending to.  It didn’t help that I had a fall and 
broke my left wrist.  Try typing with one hand ...

While you are waiting for more tales about Jessamine 
and her family, go read my book.  Exciting news, it 
just won the photo book of 2023 from The National Cowboy
and Western Heritage Center—ceremonies in April.

Here’s the link for my book:

Here’s the link to the Western Heritage Awards information.